Snowstorms. Power outages. Inclement weather. Businesses face the possibility of a number of potential emergencies. While it would be impossible to plan for every single potential emergency, there are a number of steps you can take to prepare for these emergencies. Here is a look at what every business should have in case of an emergency.

Emergency Plans. The first thing you should have on hand is an emergency plan. Set aside some time to determine which types of emergencies could potentially strike your business and then create plans accordingly. You’ll want to create a communication plan and develop an efficient way to contact all necessary employees, vendors and customers in case of emergency. You will also want to create a plan for business continuity and potentially adjust employee work hours, or include work from home options. You will also want to include plans for evacuation, shelter-in-place, and potential damage.

Hard Copy Back-Ups. In order to avoid risking losing valuable documents or resources, be sure to keep hard copy back-ups of important documents. It is best to keep these off-site so they can be accessed in case of emergency.

Food Stocks. Unfortunately, emergencies don’t always strike at night while all of your employees are safely at home. Sometimes emergencies occur during the work day. So it is important to be prepared for staff being stranded beyond regular business hours. For this it can be helpful to have shelf stable food and our MREs on hand to ensure everyone is able to eat until it is safe to leave your business. 

Extra Water. Since emergencies don’t always occur during the work day, you will also want to stock up on bottled water that you are able to easily distribute.  

Emergency Resources. You will also want to consider stocking up on emergency resources. Depending on where you live, what potential emergencies you face, and your type of business it might be helpful to keep sandbags, a shovel, road salt or ice melt on hand to tackle various weather related emergencies. 

Emergency Power Options. A number of different emergencies can result in your business losing power. Having a generator on hand can help maintain the necessary power to function in case of emergency.

When it comes to emergencies, it is better to have your business be over prepared than caught unprepared. Stocking these items for your business in case of emergency could prove extremely valuable in the long run.