If you’ve been tasked with staffing a warehouse, it may seem a bit overwhelming. How do you ensure you are hiring high quality employees? Furthermore, how do you retain the employees once they’ve been hired? Here are several strategies for finding and maintaining warehouse employees.

Finding Warehouse Employees

The first tip is to make sure that you begin the hiring process early. Be aware of high peak times in your warehouse and begin recruiting well before the peak. Set a goal to have new warehouse workers in place and trained several weeks before you peak. Targeting a date before the peak gives you ample time to recruit and hire the best possible candidates.

The easiest way to ensure you are able to do this is to work on building and maintaining a recruiting pipeline. One idea is to implement a referral program for your current workers. Quality workers who like their job, and the company, are more likely to recruit similarly high quality workers. It is also important to make connections in your local community to help recruit candidates. Reach out to community and four-year colleges, employment agencies, nonprofits and community groups to build relationships and promote your work opportunities.

Maintaining Warehouse Employees

It is critical that when you are recruiting and hiring employees, you are very clear about the job description and requirements. If the job is not what is advertised, employees will be less likely to stay on the job. 

While it is important to offer a competitive market salary, there are other benefits you can offer your warehouse workers in your retention efforts. Competitive healthcare benefits can help ensure employees stay on the job. Also consider offering access to training and skill upgrading programs. These offerings can also be a part of a well-defined career path. When employees feel like they do not have a way to advance at a company they are more likely to move around from company to company seeking advancement opportunities. Being clear about opportunities within your company can help encourage company loyalty. 

It is also important that you do not overlook other aspects of the workplace. Be sure to create a clean and safe workplace so that employees feel safe while they are at work. You also want to create a positive workplace culture for your employees. This might include productivity bonuses, team building activities, or appreciation/recognition efforts. 

Implementing these strategies can help you as you find and maintain warehouse workers.