NEX-XOS has significant experience in the Shelf Stable Food industry. Shelf Stable Food is portable, has a long shelf life without refrigeration and has the option to be Self-Heated. This food is designed to sustain users in any type of constant activity, during operations or when traditional food supply is not available.

Our lines include :
MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat)
Portion Control Packs
Religious Diets Meals ( Kosher and Halal )
Sport Specific Meals
Outdoor specific Meals and Snacks
Specialized Meal Kits

  • Emergency Preparedness  Kits
  • Survival Kits
  • Hydration Kits
  • Disaster Relief  and Humanitarian Meal Kits

Operational  and Group Rations
Customized meals and kits as per customers specs

We have years of experience working with our suppliers who are the largest in the world and hold the highest quality certifications in the industry. This guarantees the highest quality of our food and non-food products for our customers.

NEX-XOS  specializes in the design and assembly of customized  kits and rations for any specific need.

From small projects to large ones, NEX-XOS  is able to design, produce and deliver for any specific application or customer need.