Think Big, Think Different

We serve domestic and international customers that require us to comply with strict guidelines in the preparation, packaging and delivery of products including food products packaged under religious guidelines such as Kosher and Halal certifications, which we are proud to comply with. Additionally, our effective customer specification review process provides us with the ability to meet highly intricate customer requirements that range from detailed product specifications, identifying and sourcing specific food flavors or textures to complying with specialized packaging film requirements, packing designs, labeling, strict compliance to food grades, plant required certifications, production processes and QA inspections, wholesomeness, shelf life and nutritional requirements among others. After years of arduous dedication and commitment to complying with our customers’ requirements, we have become an effective solution to our customers’ custom-packing, commercialization, fulfillment and distribution needs.


NEX-XOS has significant experience in the Shelf Stable Food industry. Shelf Stable Food is portable, has a long shelf life without refrigeration and has the option to be Self-Heated. This food is designed to sustain users in any type of constant activity, during operations or when traditional food supply is not available.

Packaging & Assembly Contract Services

Our ability to reduce turn-around time in response to customer requirements for compliance and delivery of custom made product with strict bill of materials, as a critical factor has particularly given us an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to customer service.

Supply & Logistical Solutions

NEX-XOS offers supply and logistical solutions to support its customers around the world. We are known for our ability to find simple solutions to complex supply and logistic challenges.


NEX-XOS serves as a wholesaler and distributor for several manufacturers around the globe.

Our wholesale trade covers distribution to retailers, contractors, industrial, institutional, government and commercial  customers within the USA and internationally.

Our goal is to expand our clients market presence around the world by increasing sales and revenue utilizing cost effective and efficient marketing and trading techniques.


We offer custom designed complete fulfillment services to our customers  for all  their specific needs.

Our services include :  pick and pack, case picking  pallet ship, drop ship, UPS, USPS,  FEDEX, Full truck load, LTL shipments along with storage warehousing, distribution and e-commerce order fulfillment services.