When it comes to the market of MRE;’s there is nothing of greater concern than making sure that the product you are purchasing and consuming is of the utmost quality and control. Just like many other markets, the MRE aftermarket can be tempting, however there are many reasons why you should never pull the trigger to purchase any MRE’s that are labeled as “re-inspected” or “re-sold.” Just because something is marketed as safe, does not mean it is. In fact, in many cases, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a certified manufacturer and distributor of US Military MRE’s, we understand – from start to finish – the process of creating, dating, and certifying them for production and sale. When these products are discarded by the US Military, they are supposed to be destroyed so that no one will tamper with or consume a malfunctioning or expired MRE.

Unfortunately, there are distributors, who are not certified government agencies, that claim to inspect and re-sell these discarded MRE’s. Even though MRE’s have a long shelf life, they do eventually expire, and we would never want you to have a product that is potentially unsafe. Further, there is a great chance that these will not work the way that they were designed to and can pose a threat to the user.

Please take a minute to read into this situation in more detail on the XMRE website so that you can be educated to make the best choices.

At the end of the day, choosing to buy only from verified sellers will save you from the risk involved in buying from third party re-sellers.