The word SAFE is all around us in these times we are living in. Making intentional choices to choose safe products could not be more important. In fact, here at NEX-XOS, we have always valued the importance of safety and know that the difference can be detrimental to individuals, businesses, and as we are now seeing, the world as a whole. As a co-packer, supply and logistical solution, fulfillment center, and food warehouse distributor, we are in contact with various products and consumables 24/7. We do not take the responsibility lightly. Any product that comes through our facilities are subject to immense safety measures, which keeps the individuals who will receive the products safe, but also the companies that we represent.

Food safety is incredibly significant. Finding a co-packer or distributor that keeps up the same standards that you would for your food business is something that can prove to be challenging. We know that your company values the process – from start to finish – and NEX-XOS feels the same. We are committed to producing safe, shelf-stable quality products that conform to all regulatory requirements. Not only do we meet the requirements, but we exceed them with the highest of food safety best standards as a part of our everyday routine. This commitment enforces continuous improvement with our ever changing times and implements preventive controls through-out the process. We believe in pivoting and adapting to the changing needs of our customers to make sure that everything we do is safe and responsible for everyone involved.

In addition to our top of the line resources and equipment, we also invest in development, training, and ongoing improvements for our staff and facilities. Our highly qualified and trained staff members are up to date on the highest quality of safe food principals and practices, ensuring that the processes are followed and the materials are as guarded as possible. There is never a chance to become complacent when we have businesses to grow and people to serve!

We are confident in our abilities to serve you and your business. If you are looking for a co-packer or to distribute shelf stable foods through our avenues and channels, be sure to contact us today!