It seems as though the word OUTBREAK is just about everywhere that you look in the last few weeks. Although there is always care that needs to be taken during these times, the best idea is to be prepared ahead of the hype. As panic begins to ensue & local food sources begin to diminish, making informed choices about how to stock your home or business can save you heartache as well as serious danger if and when an outbreak does ensue. Here at NEX-XOS, one of the main goals that keeps us going is our mission to provide top of the line service to our business partners and customers with their overall success in mind. As we enter a time when resources are being spread thin, we are here to assist you and your organization with securing the food and supplies you need in case of a contamination or outbreak in your area.

When it comes to a extensive spread of an illness or disease, one of the most important things to have is the proper nutrition and safe food to consume for all those around you. As soon as there is a confirmed outbreak in a specified area, almost immediately the resources either become scarce, nonexistent, or called into question for their safety. Having shelf stable foods already on hand will save you the stress of trying to scramble to provide your community the food it needs after the disaster has already presented itself. With our distribution of XMRE and OMEALS – prepackaged, fully cooked meals that can be stored for years in a cool, dry place – you can be prepared no matter what comes your way. With only the highest safety standards when it comes to cooking, preparing, and sealing our meals, you can rest assured that nothing has been contaminated or tampered with.

With all this talk of Coronavirus spreading all throughout the world, being ahead of the curve is the best thing that you can possibly do for yourself and your organization. Preparation is just responsibility in action and making smart choices will ensure safety and stress free days in the future. In this trying time when everything can be uncertain, having peace of mind that you have safe and nutritious food without any trace of contamination is a choice that should be made without hesitation.