Packaging And Assembly

Contract Services

Our ability to reduce turn-around time in response to customer requirements for compliance and delivery of custom made product with strict bill of materials, as a critical factor has particularly given us an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to customer service.

We always deliver within the anticipated time using efficient methods of production even with last minute changes to bill of materials requirements.

In instances where our valued customers have requested our support in complying with their product and quality requirements, our ability to meet tight delivery deadlines with our goal set on ensuring we maintain a highly acceptable order fill rate even when complex configurations and challenging international logistics are part of the supply contract.   Such is the case with most of our domestic customers, but it is relevant to reflect on those customers that we serve based on similar domestic product and delivery performance criteria, outside the United State with highly scrutinized bill of materials, certification requirements and packing configurations.

Our logistics team coordinates with regulatory and export compliance requirements to deliver all ordered product to our customer’s designated domestic and international locations, on time as anticipated by our customers and in full compliance with product requirements.

In a business where responding to very specific customer needs based on solicitation, RFQs, RFPs, etc., usually requires immediate response to additional customer’s requests that may at times exceed minimum requirements, we at NEX-XOS embrace the challenge and take pride in doing what is necessary for complying with all of our customers’ requests within or beyond expectations to ensure our customer service satisfaction remain at the highest levels in industry.

  • Deadlines 95%
  • Logistics 97.89%
  • Satisfaction 99%