OMEALS, a brand of self-heating, fully cooked food designed and developed for the outdoors, today announced its partnership with Maurice Sporting Goods, North America’s largest wholesale sporting goods distributor, to bring the company’s line of innovative, outdoor food products to the mass market. Maurice Sporting Goods will be carrying the full line of OMEALS Homestyle Meals, and aiming to place the product in major retailers that carry camping supplies nationwide.

A leader in the distribution of outdoor sporting goods products, Maurice Sporting Goods will offer the full line of Homestyle Meals and Cheese Bites, which includes two beef, two chicken, two vegetarian and two breakfast options and three varieties of cheese bites.

“Our mission at OMEALS is to change the way people eat outdoors and our new partnership with Maurice Sporting Goods marks a milestone toward reaching a larger consumer market. We are thrilled to work with the team at Maurice Sporting Goods and look forward to bringing OMEALS to market,” says OMEALS Founder, Saul Mishkin.

The vision of OMEALS began in 2013 and the brand was officially launched in August 2015 with the first versions of Homestyle Meals and Cheese Bites product lines. OMEALS innovative technology creates a safe and easy-to-use heating process that saves fresh water for drinking. Using their 3-to-5 rule, and a state-of-the-art heating process, 3-to-5 ounces of any liquid will heat the food pouch in 3-to-5 minutes.

Made with the best ingredients on the market, all OMEALS products have a 3-year shelf life and their flexible packaging is lightweight and makes for an easy pack-in, pack-out experience. Learn more about how it works by watching this video.

 About OMEALS: OMEALS are premium outdoor foods developed by athletes and outdoorsmen. OMEALS offer self-heating, fully cooked Homestyle Meals and Cheese Bites designed and developed for the outdoors. The first of their kind, OMEALS Homestyle Meals feature a state-of-the-art flameless heating process that only requires 3-to-5 minutes with 3-to-5 ounces of liquid to activate – from fresh water and runoff, to iced tea and soda. OMEALS Homestyle Meals are shelf-stable for 3-years, lightweight and easy to use for a simple solution to tasty and hot anytime, anywhere meals and snacks. For more information about OMEALS, please visit

About Maurice Sporting Goods, Inc.: Maurice Sporting Goods is a family owned wholesaler of sporting goods products in the fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation, marine, fitness/athletics, sports licensing and outdoor gift categories, serving mass retailers and independent dealers throughout the United States, Canada and other international markets. For more information, refer to or contact Brad Stevenson at 847.715.1500.