Success comes from planning for the worst, while anticipating and striving for the best. As business owners and organization leaders, we are always looking for the next best thing – however, the world sometimes has unexpected plans and emergency situations can arise. Natural disasters, epidemics, resource shortages, economy crashes, and so on can derail our plans and put us as a community, in a bind. While we always hope for a sunny day, it is important and vital to be prepared in case there are times when emergency upon us.

When it comes to a dire situation, one of the most important resources to have readily available is proper food. Having nutritional meals that have not been contaminated and are in your facility is something that you should never be without. At NEX-XOS, we help assist you and your organization to be ready for those types of scenarios by being educated and prepared ahead of the time. Over the decades, we have been trained to think that the best type of food to have stored for years in our cabinets were canned goods, but did you know that further research has proven that cans can actually be corroding and contaminating our food sources? Even when the “use-by” date is still within the time frame, the acidity in the foods can start to damage, corrode, and rust the container from the inside, out. This is a real problem for the safety and nutritional value of the food being stored.

We want better for you and your employees and community. That is why we create shelf stable MRE meals that can be properly stored in a cool, dry place for years. Our meals will be ready when you need them, and without a need for electricity, fire, or gas to consume. Not only are we there for travelers, military, first responders, and emergency response organizations, but we want you to know the value and necessity of being prepared in your very own organization as well. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to bring you resources in those times of emergency. Be prepared before anything ever arises & stock up on food that will last for the long haul so that you can have peace of mind.