Gets it done on time


NEX-XOS has a unique ability to find the right product or service that matches its specific client needs, regardless of the industry.


Our wholesale trade covers distribution of many products to customers within the USA and internationally.



We offer custom designed complete fulfillment services to our customers for all their specific needs along with distribution and e-commerce.

Our Story

In a world that becomes more competitive with each passing day, efficient and innovative solutions have become more and more crucial. The ability to find, design and quickly implement solutions in an effective and timely manner can mean the difference between success and failure in business.

NEX-XOS is a customer service oriented company. Specializing in the manufacturing of shelf-stable foods; NEX-XOS is a leading provider of complete shelf stable meal kits, packaging and assembly contract services and distributor of foodservice and other related products. Years of hands on experience working domestic and internationally led NEX-XOS to develop and achieve efficient logistical and fulfillment solutions for its customers, which are today part of NEX-XOS’ service offerings.

With more than three decades of combined experience that our executive team possesses in the prepared food industry and commercial trade , we’ve been able to design, develop and successfully deliver food and other supplies to military and non-military, NGOs, institutions and customers around the world.

During our early history, we embraced the challenge of building a cost-efficient business operation that, combined with our discipline in following our established procedures and our willingness to remain flexible to respond more effectively to any of our customers’ products and service needs, has enabled us to successfully expand our services into the government, military, institutional, commercial and retail industry.

We Are Good At

  • Brand Strategy 99.1%
  • Internet Marketing 98.67%
  • Logistic 97.89%
  • Customer Happiness 99.5%